We have been in the middle of another great political season, with riots, arguments, and backroom deals. It makes for great entertainment.

However, one of my greatest political pet peeves has always been, and always will be, what politicians tell us what they will do for our country.

Really, you are going to build a wall? Oh, really, I mean you are really going to work on reducing our Nations Debt?

Please stop telling me what you will do for the United States, and start telling me what you WON’T DO TO the United States.

Whenever a politician says they will do something for you, keep in mind that they have to do something to someone else. It is inevitable. And when they have to do something to someone, it isn’t just one person that they affect, it is generally a large group of people that end up impacted, often negatively.

Politicians shouldn’t work on the Nation’s problems, they should work on fixing the “well-intentioned” problems Washington has created. Fixing Washington will fix the Nation.





Written by Aaron McKeehan