Our culture is incredibly contradictory. Everyone wants to be equal yet diverse. What diversity is there if everyone is equal?

I get pretty frustrated when I see headline after headline crying out for equality. I have had to ask myself, is this a good thing? At face value, sure I recognize that everyone should be treated equally because we are all human. Yet is Bill Gates more skilled than I am at running a business? Absolutely. Are we equal? No. Will I be treated differently because of it? Yes.

Yet, I do have skills that Bill Gates doesn’t have. Rather than focusing on being equal shouldn’t we be unique? What made Bill Gates successful wasn’t equality, rather it was his unique ability to accomplish what 90% of business owners couldn’t.

It shouldn’t be equality that opens the door to success, it should be someone using their unique abilities to force those doors open.

I’m not trying to be motivational here, its just surprising that we are all working on being equal with each other while we actually have unique talents that make us special.

Discover your strengths, and use them. Don’t make excuses.

I can certainly be better at doing this myself



Written by Aaron McKeehan