I mean who really does?!

Unless you’re in college, single, retired, or maybe have a pretty consistent schedule…going to the gym is incredibly inconvenient, and it feels like a waste of time. The act of carving out 60-90 minutes of your already time-strapped day is infuriating. Imagine, I mean really think about all the time you actually need to lose that 20-300 extra pounds that you are hauling around.

You may have to get ready, and actually drive there so if you are lucky that would roughly be around 30 minutes. You may workout for 30, 60, or 90 minutes if you are really into it. Finally, you have to drive home and get unready..so another 30-60 minutes. If we’re modest going to the gym will cost 90 to 120 minutes of your day. Assuming you really want to lose weight, you may have to go 5-6 times a week.

Calculated out, modestly, going to the gym, takes about 1,980 minutes or 33 hours per month. Or about 396 hours year, not really calculating for February, but who cares, that is a lot of stinking time.

Or to think about it a different way, if you are 300 pounds, and you want to lose half of yourself, it may take you 100 weeks, or 900 hours.

That’s insane! To take it even further, if we took the median wage, and ROUNDED DOWN to $20 an hour that’s $18,000! Oh, and none of this includes those outrageous Gym fees.

You’re probably thinking, “You just killed my motivation to go to the gym.” Great! Save yourself some time and money: buy a treadmill.



Written by Aaron McKeehan